WFAN Videos

Check out our wide variety of video categories below — from conservation topics to women’s leadership development, there’s something for everyone.

Plate to Politics

WFAN is the home for Plate to Politics — a nationwide effort to support and strengthen the national leadership role of women transforming our nation’s food system, from the federal agriculture policy agenda to what’s on our family’s dinner plate. You’ll find videos on leadership training for women engaged in healthy food and farming here.

Women Caring for the Land

Women Caring for the Land (WCL) is designed to serve women farmland landowners who are interested in learning more about conservation. The program is in increasing demand among both women landowners and agency partners such as NRCS and state departments of natural resources. You’ll find videos for women farmland owners here.


WEgrow is an innovative new training program designed specifically to help women who produce and market agricultural or forestry products. You’ll find videos for women  who are interested in producing and marking agricultural or forestry products here.

Harvesting our Potential

We train women to be farmers through Harvesting Our Potential (HOP). Sometimes, participation in HOP is the first place that women are told they can follow their dream to become a farmer – and that there are women across the country just like them. You’ll find videos regarding HOP programming here.


Our annual conferences bring together women in sustainable agriculture from across the country. You’ll find conference videos here.

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