WFAN is a community of women in sustainable agriculture.

Our mission is to engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power. Read More.

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Articles and Blog Posts

A Thriving Community of Women Farmers (post on Rootstock, blog of CROPP Cooperative)

Women in Agriculture: Join the Club. Oskaloosa (Iowa) Herald.

USDA selects Iowa projects for Conservation Innovation Grants. KMA Land.

Women’s workshop offers encouragement. Wisconsin State Farmer.

Women caring for the land: Conservation workshops held for women. Morning Ag Clips.

“Women Work to Protect the Land.” Featured story on Women Caring for the Land in 2015 annual report, Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“Women, food & ag: connecting with land and each other.” Radish Magazine.

Do You Strive for Healthy Soil?” AgriNews.

“Author Will Speak About Living With Gratitude.” Quad-City Times. (2015 annual conference story.)

Greenspace: Women, too, can learn ‘the secrets of the soil.'” Rochester Post-Bulletin.

“Women are the key to bringing sustainability to the Corn Belt.”

“Women key to conservation push,”

“Women’s workshop teaches value of soil health,” The Land

“Women landowners make changes after field days,” AgriNews

“Hometown Farmer: Women Caring for the Land Workshop,”

“Feminism Telesummit with Denise O’Brien – Women, Food and Agriculture,”

“Women landowners learn management tips,” AgriNews

“The next generation: Present farmers help beginners,” The Daily Nonpareil

“Iowa coalition formed to fight Bakken oil pipeline,” The Des Moines Register

“Programs for women in ag show how roles have evolved,” Iowa Farmer Today

“This Land Is Her Land,” Successful Farming

“Feminism on the Farm,” Organic Broadcaster

“Women Landowners Share Their Stories in New Videos,” Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Faces & Visions of the Food Movement: Denise O’Brien,” Civil Eats

“Engaging More Women Landowners in Habitat Management Decisions,” WFAN grant announcement from TogetherGreen

“FARMING MISSION: Iowan Teaches In Afghanistan,” WHO-TV feature on Denise O’Brien

“Are Women Greener Than Men?” Los Angeles Times op-ed

“Women in both Iowa and Afghanistan play a major role in agriculture,” Daily Iowan

“Women Caring for The Land: Education Program Launched for Women Landowners,” Kansas Rural Center blog post

“Farm-owning women seek confidence in managing land use,” Fort Dodge (IA) Messenger

“Transforming the Rural Landscape,” Fort Dodge (IA)Messenger

“Women Landowners Share Experiences, Learn from Others,” DTN Progressive Farmer


Stronger Together: Interview with WFAN’s Bridget Holcomb (Rootstock Radio)

Conservation Chat with Dr. Angie Carter (Iowa Learning Farm podcast)

Farm Internships: Lots of Laughter, Lots of Weeding (48:54, Iowa Public Radio)

Iowa Public Radio interview with Denise O’Brien

“Women Take Over the Farm,” NPR feature

FoodSleuth Radio (KOPN) interview with Leigh Adcock

Women in Agriculture (49 min., Talk of Iowa, Iowa Public Radio call-in panel program

Growing Number of Farmers Are Women (5:08, Iowa Public Radio)

Farmland Widows Chart Their Legacy (5:05,  Iowa Public Radio)

Leigh Adcock interviewed on American’s Homegrown Veggies from America’s Web Radio (1 hr.)


Women Landowners Come Together (news story on KIMT-TV, Mason City, IA)

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