Women Caring for the Land

Women Caring for the Land(SM)

Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) has developed a program called Women Caring for the Land℠ (WCL), designed to serve female non-operator landowners who are interested in learning more about conservation.

The program is successful, popular, and in increasing demand among both women landowners and agency partners such as NRCS and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The WCL Website

The WCL website provides many of the resources and learning activities used in the WCL meetings. It also contains additional videos of women landowners discussing their land management and conservation stories. Women can also find news updates and events related to conservation on their land and sign up for the WCL newsletter, “Patchwork.”

The WCL Curriculum: Improving Conservation Outreach to Female Non-operator Farmland Owners

This manual is intended to give users an overview of the rationale and methodology for targeting outreach to non-operator women landowners, particularly those 65 and older who now control a significant percentage of US farmland. It also provides a number of conservation demonstration activities, which range from very simple to more complex, both in concept and execution.

We acknowledge that many women landowners are extremely knowledgeable about soil, farming, and land management. However, our meetings tend to draw a very diverse group of women, including some who have little or no experience or knowledge of these topics, and who are just beginning their journey of learning. These less informed women are eager to learn from the more informed women, and some of the simplest activities in this manual are perfect for bringing them up to a basic level of understanding so they are confident and ready to learn more.

Adult learners who are hesitant to ask questions are able to absorb important information through simple activities, and get answers to questions they may have felt would sound “dumb” if asked in the group. We often get comments from women landowners following meetings such as, “Thank you for explaining it in a way I can understand.”

Order the Curriculum Manual Online

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