Opportunities for Veteran Farmers

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Women are the fastest growing demographic of both beginning farmers and military veterans. Many women from both urban and rural backgrounds are interested in farming. Iowa is home to 17,835 women vets. The rate of unemployment for women vets is higher than that of men.

As with careers in the military, women face special challenges entering male-dominated agricultural careers. WFAN formed in 1997 to provide networking, education and leadership development opportunities to women engaged in all aspects of healthy food and farming.


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Conference Scholarships

Fifteen aspiring and beginning farmers in Iowa and six in Nebraska will be given scholarships to attend one sustainable agriculture conference each years. Most agricultural conferences occur in winter. Options will include conferences for Nebraska Sustainable Ag SocietyPractical Farmers of Iowa, and the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, as well as WFAN events.

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Preference will be given to women participating in that year’s business training and on-farm mentorship programs; if extra spaces are available, you will see an announcement through our email list.

If you participate in any of the WFAN Beginning Farmer Project programming, you’ll be invited to a fall potluck during your program year to meet your peers and share experiences.

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Featured Resources

Learn about the film Ground Operations: From Battlefields to Farmfields. The mission of Ground Operations is to strengthen the growing network of combat veterans transitioning into new careers in sustainable farming and ranching.

Terra Firma is another documentary about how three female veterans combat the effects of PTSD by turning to farming. Sonia Kendrick, one of the featured veterans, is on the advisory board for the Iowa Female Farmer Veteran Project. You can learn more about the organization Sonia created, Feed Iowa 1st, at this link.


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